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David Rome and Hope Martin: Embodied Listening: Uncovering Our Bodies' Natural Wisdom

Embodied Listening: Uncovering Our Bodies' Natural Wisdom

David Rome and Hope Martin teach Embodied Listening, an intensive but gentle body, mind, and heart training for releasing habitual patterns that constrict our living and relationships. The process of inner listening softens us toward ourselves, helping us become more open and sensitive to the deeper feelings and needs of our ourselves and others.
Limited number of scholarships available from the Angell Foundation for healthcare workers.

See what participants have to say about Embodied Listening in this video.

Read a blog post "Remembering Eugene Gendlin" by David Rome. 

During this retreat, we will draw on several powerful modalities to release habitual patterns and cultivate greater insight, tenderness and empathy: 

Mindfulness Meditation to relax mental holding patterns
Alexander Technique to release psycho-physical holding patterns and settle the nervous system
Mindful Focusing to access deeper feelings held in the body

This program is highly experiential and held within a safe and nurturing container. It includes periods of meditation, short presentations by the retreat leaders, guided body awareness with gentle, hands-on instruction, felt sense exercises, one-on-one listening partnerships, and group discussion.

David Rome and Hope Martin have been developing and teaching Embodied Listening together for 15 years. Learn more:

Here’s what others have said about this retreat: 

"The Embodied Wisdom retreat brought together mind, physical body and inner self in a manner I’ve never fully consciously experienced before. I find myself moving more clearly and internally experiencing the feelings behind my words. Mind, body, and feelings all felt connected as one. It was a transformative experience I intend to make part of my daily practice." 

"Hope Martin and David Rome gave my body a voice that I didn’t know it had, and opened the door to a wonderful new journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.”  

"The techniques I learned in the Embodied Listening retreat have stayed with me long after the last day. The key takeaway I am constantly working with is noticing. Noticing what my body's habits are in terms of posture and noticing what my body is saying to me. Just noticing gives me so much insight into what I am really feeling and what is true for me. This allows me to move through my day with more relaxation and calm."  

"This is something I can practice on the job when dealing with people and the stories that I have about them and how I want them to be. I can drop the story and just be with them and listen."

David I. Rome is the developer of Mindful Focusing, an integration of Eugene Gendlin’s Felt-Sense Focusing and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices ( He is the author of Your Body Knows the Answer: Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity (Shambhala Publications, 2014). Earlier, David studied Buddhism with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, whom he served as private secretary for many years.

Hope Martin
has taught the Alexander Technique for 30 years, trains Alexander teachers at the American Center for the Alexander Technique and operates Hope Martin Studio in New York City. She is a meditation instructor and a Focusing trainer. Her particular passion is in helping her students discover how easeful, upright posture is an expression of their human dignity, confidence, and innate wakefulness.
9/22/2017 6:00 PM - 9/24/2017 2:00 PM
Garrison Institute Route 9D At Glenclyffe Garrison, NY 10524

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