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Annie Finch: The Healing Spiral of Words: Transformation Through the Rhythms of Language

Poetry Workshop with Annie Finch

Healing Spiral of Words is a deeply transformational path to discovering and integrating the wisdom of mind, body, heart, will, and spirit. This workshop will bring participants on a creative journey of self-exploration and self-expression as we tap into patterned language’s power. No previous writing experience is necessary.
Rhythmic words—the beat of charms and spells— offer an ancient and powerful path for uniting body and spirit, idea and intuition, humanity and nature, the hemispheres of the brain. Like a yoga class for the mind, this workshop uses a series of language-postures to access and transform the energy of mind, body, heart, will, and spirit.  Each rhythm will be introduced with drumming, chanting, and finally Annie’s guidance through a process of rhythmical journaling. 

Through supportive discussion, you will learn how the mirror of your own rhythmic language reveals the dynamics shaping your life. Annie will also work with each participant on an individual rhythmic “prescription” to help you balance and integrate the healing spiral of words. Finally, you will have the opportunity to craft a work of visual art, a talisman of your most powerful words, to bring the healing home.  No previous writing experience is necessary.
Comments From Participants:

“The workshop was enriching and magical! It was amazing to experience how the rhythms spoke to different parts of our healing processes. I have continued to work on what I acquired that day and note its continuous effects on my creative life as well as my mindset. What was additionally awesome is that I went to the workshop with an acute backache I had been suffering from and when I left the workshop, my backache was no longer.”
"I felt on a deep level that your workshop and exercises and your instruction were magical, and I feel transformed in a way that has already helped me work through a much-needed transformation and healing in regards to some difficult personal subject matter. I believe I can use the structures you gave us today to continue to move through my healing process . . . I feel I've already made some big breakthroughs during today's workshop!”
“It was really incredible. I don’t remember how long it’s been since I cried when reading my words aloud.”
“Annie Finch is a teacher who speaks with sincerity and integrity, allowing students to examine the inner workings of their psyche in a supportive and kind environment. Annie is the teacher that many of us yearn for, and some are lucky enough to work with. There is such a need for her earth and heart-based teachings.”


Annie Finch's unique approach to personal growth brings together her calling as an acclaimed poet with her gifts as healer and spiritual teacher. Author of the poetry collections Spells, Calendars, and Eve; the feminist epic Among the Goddesses; and numerous books on the art and craft of poetry, Annie holds a BA from Yale and a PhD from Stanford and has taught and performed her poetry on four continents.

Her honors include books shortlisted for the Yale Series of Younger Poets and the National Poetry Series, the Robert Fitzgerald Award, and the Sarasvati Award for Poetry. She is based in Washington, DC and offers performances, rituals, and workshops on empowerment, healing, and writing at spiritual gatherings, poetry conferences, and women’s events.
9/21/2018 3:00 PM - 9/23/2018 2:00 PM
Garrison Institute Route 9D At Glenclyffe Garrison, NY 10524
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